DAY 31: Palas de Rei to Ribadiso


October 4, 2018

Starting out, I knew this was going to be a long day, close to 17 miles. But I also knew it would be the last really long day, with the two remaining days around 13 miles each, so it went quickly. But major indignity! I got a new blister this late in the journey. Thought I was over that. 😟
It’s not too big, though, so Enrique will tape it up tonight and I should be fine by tomorrow.
Crowded trail today. I met a man from Gotland, a Swedish island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, that I never heard of before. Then a woman on the trail (from Texas) stopped me and asked me to tie her boots. She had fallen on the Camino last week and broken her hand, which was in a cast. After my ordeal with my wrist, I felt so bad for her and admired that she was so determined to finish (she is walking alone).
Our albergue, Los Caminantes, is nice, with a little restaurant right across the street, and nothing else around.
Since I wrote about what I would miss when I finish Camino yesterday, today I thought about things I won’t miss at all:
1. Doing laundry by hand everyday.
2. Wearing the same two shirts and pair of shorts for a month.
3. Blisters and taped toes
4. Pain
5. Sleeping in a room with 20+ people I don’t know.
6. Cold showers (although there haven’t been too many of them)
7. Bunk beds (and hitting my head on the top bunk every time I sit on the bottom bunk.)
8. Snoring people (Enrique I can handle, but not strangers.)
9. Waking up at 5:30AM.
10. Packing up my things in the dark so as not to wake all the pilgrims that are still sleeping, although I’ve gotten really good at it. I know exactly where everything is and belongs in my backpack.
11. My backpack
12. My boots
13. Flies…I have bites all over my body.

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