DAY 30: Portomarin to Palas de Rei


October 3, 2018

Long day today. It was the usual 15 miles, but with a lot of rolling hills and a heavy backpack the whole way. We finally came upon signs of the town, Palas de Rei, when we saw a municipal swimming pool, but then we kept walking and walking with no sign of town. It was probably another mile or two, but felt like ten. When we arrived, we got beds in Albergue San Marcos, a newish, huge albergue. We are in a room of six, with three Italians and one Brazilian (who is doing Camino by bike and will arrive in Santiago tomorrow, while we still have three days of walking).

With the end getting closer, I started to think about all the things I would miss about the Camino:

1. The people…is there another place where you can meet so many people from all over the world so easily? All you have to do is say, “Buen Camino, where are you from?” and you’ve made a friend.
2. The food and wine
3. The beautiful countryside
4. Sunrises
5. Small villages of old stone buildings
6. Walking into a town and not knowing where you’re going to spend the night, and then finding an albergue.
7. Walking into an albergue for the first time and discovering it’s clean and nice.
8. My sleeping bag (it’s soft)
9. Hours and hours of having to do nothing but walk.
10. Listening to all the different languages being spoken around me.
11. Siestas
12. Not having to decide what to wear everyday.
13. Our rest stops by the side of the trail, eating fruit and trail mix.
14. Exploring new towns.
15. Writing my blog
16. Big lunches, small dinners
17. The historical sites we walk through
18. Spanish culture
19. Our daily routine which has become our reality in such a short time.
20. The relief of finally reaching our destination each day.
21. Shopping in the supermercado everyday.
22. Walking in the dark.
23. Camino signs…I see them in my sleep.

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