DAY 19: Bercianos to Mansillas de Mulas




September 22, 2018

We shared our 4-bed room with two young Italian men last night. One spoke a little English, the other spoke Spanish. They had started hiking in Burgos and will finish in León because they have to get back to work. Many people do Camino in stages like that due to lack of time.

Food is never an issue on the Camino. We eat well and cheaply. Lots of snacking on the trail, followed by a late, huge lunch with a bottle of wine (it comes with the lunch so we have to drink it😊). Then a very light dinner of fruit and yogurt. Today is an exception. We stopped at a restaurant along the way for breakfast, which we usually don’t do, and we were rewarded with churros con chocolate.


Dinner is offered at our albergue, El Jardin del Camino, in Mansillas de Mulas, so we ate a light lunch.

After our rather luxurious accommodations of last night, we are in an albergue with 11 bunk beds in one room. We got in around 1:00, and the place was full. Luckily, we had reserved two beds yesterday, but I got the last lower bunk and Enrique is in the bunk above. 

With my blisters feeling better, I was able to walk around town today. Parts of the wall and gates from the Middle Ages are still standing. In one archway, I saw a man wearing a Beto for senator t-shirt. I asked him if he was from Texas, which he was, and he asked me to take a picture of him because he had promised Beto he’d take a photo of his t-shirt in Spain. I guess they’re friends.

We also found this statue of tired pilgrims and decided to join them.😊



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