DAY 15:Castrojeriz to Fromista


September 18, 2018

We had another pilgrim’s dinner last night with people from our albergue. It’s a good way to get to know people, but Enrique says it creates groups of people who speak the same language, which is true, but unavoidable.  He can sit with two groups and he’s really good at helping to translate for both groups. I talked with a couple from Canada, Vancouver Island.


It was a long day today of almost 16 miles. We started with a steep climb in the dark before sunrise, but most of the walk was flat. We had reserved our beds in our albergue, Estrella del Camino, in Fromista.


A few people from our albergue from last night are here and a few from the albergue the night before are here, also. We have lost a lot of people we met near the beginning of the journey. They are probably ahead of us. The only exception is Carol and Anya from Poland. We see them frequently and we’re always happy to see each other. They are young and so cute. In Burgos they bought new sleeping bags because the ones they had were too heavy. They wanted to send the heavy ones home, but we were in Burgos on Sunday and the post office was closed. No towns since then have had a post office, so they’ve been carrying two sleeping bags around. Today as they breezed by us, Carol (pronounced like Carl) yelled out, “Mission post office.” It closed at one so they had to rush to get to town.


The weather has been perfect. Clear, sunny days. It gets warm in the afternoon, but we have been finishing by 12:30, so we beat the heat.


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