DAY 11:Belorado to San Juan de Ortega

September 14, 2018

This morning we decided to eat breakfast in the albergue, but they didn’t start serving until 6:30, so we got a later start than usual at 7:00. We were a little concerned about leaving late because our destination only had one albergue with 70 beds.

The hike was beautiful, first through farmland and then through forests, with a nice climb. Unfortunately, a lot of the trail had loose rocks, which are hard on the feet. Two of my blisters became very painful.

We got to the albergue at 1:00, and it was just opening, with plenty of beds. The albergue is in an old monastery and we were invited to both evening mass and morning mass. We declined, but we will eat dinner in the monastery, since there is nothing here except the monastery. No restaurants or stores.


Once we were settled into the monastery, I went to work on my blisters. First I drained them and then I stuck a piece of thread, via a needle, through each one and left the thread in so the blister would keep draining. Someone had told me that trick a few days ago, that they had learned from a Brazilian. Hope it works.

Everyone in the albergue is new to us. We think that our friends kept going to the next town, which is two miles away, but we will probably meet up with them tomorrow.

I am sitting in the sun outside of the monastery. So far, two taxis have come to pick up pilgrims and a woman is waiting for a third taxi. The albergue is full and I guess they don’t want to keep walking today.



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