DAY 10: Santo Domingo to Belorado



September 13, 2018

There were over 30 of us in a room in the albergue last night, and over 200 in the whole albergue, but still it was very quiet. People are very respectful. And, of course, ear plugs help a lot!

We left town in the dark, as usual, this morning and had some difficulty following the trail. A bunch of us were looking around with our headlamps at each intersection for the telltale yellow arrow. We managed to find “the way” (which is what they call the Camino here.😀).
We left the Rioja region and with that the vineyards suddenly disappeared, but I’m sure the wine will follow us through Spain. We entered the region called Castilla y Leon, so I’m hoping to see some castles along the way. Today was more farmland interspersed with small towns.
We walked 14.5 miles and found a great albergue. We always ask for a bottom bunk now, and so far we have been lucky. I believe the receptionists like to give the bottom bunks to older people. There are only 20 people in our room. It has a swimming pool and a beautiful garden area.
After lunch, as we were laying in our bed, Michelle and Gabby walked in and took the beds next to us. They are from LA and we met them sometime near the beginning of our journey. We’ve seen them from time to time on the trail, but have never stayed in the same albergue before. That seems to be the way it works on the Camino…people come and go. Michelle left her husband and two small children (2 and 5)at home to walk the Camino. She is one of several women that I’ve met who left there families at home. Many are hiking alone. I think there are more women doing the Camino alone than men.

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