Day 7: Los Arcos to Logrono


September 10, 2018

After being in bed all afternoon yesterday, I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep last night (especially with 33 other people in the same room!), but I slept really well and woke up this morning ready to go again. It’s truly amazing how the body can rejuvenate.

We left Los Arcos, with its beautiful church and walked in the dark for over an hour. I’ve decided that miles in the dark don’t count because they go by so quickly.


Every town and village in Spain has a church in its center. The churches are huge and ornate, even in the smallest village and often filled with gold. Such a powerful institution.

The walk went so quickly that we reached our destination before 11:00. I was feeling great and the day was perfect for walking, cloudy and cool, so we decided not to stop, but to continue to our original destination. There was also a festival in town, and we weren’t sure we would be able to find lodging.


So we ended up with our longest day so far, 18 miles. About four miles outside of Logrono, a young woman walked by and we started talking to her, making the last miles go much faster. As we parted, she said that we had inspired her to walk the Camino someday.

We have now completed one week (one fifth) of our trip and a little over 100 miles. My feet still hurt and my legs feel heavy at times, but we’re doing well compared to many others. There are a lot of knee braces appearing and people limping around town, and they are young! We are not the oldest pilgrims, but we’re definitely on the upper end. Someone in the albergue last night told me she had met a 72-year-old man who was hiking Camino for the eighth time. He’s been doing it once a year for eight years. No thanks!



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