DAY 6: Estella to Los Arcos

September 9, 2018

Left our wonderful, quiet hotel early this morning in the rain. We covered our backpacks with the rain covers, put on raincoats and then ponchos over everything and prepared to get wet since the forecast was for rain all day.  After an hour or two, the rain stopped and the day turned sunny and hot.

It was a tough day for me. The trail wasn’t difficult, but I was tired the whole way to Los Arcos.  Listening to my audiobook and  music didn’t help. It also didn’t help to pass a group of “pilgrims” from the UK, walking with tiny daypacks because they were on a tour that transported their luggage for them.😠

We finally got to town, found the albergue and got our beds in a dorm room with 17 bunk beds. A young couple from Poland, in the bunks next to ours had been in our albergue a few nights ago (somewhere…I’m losing track of where we’ve been). They are on their honeymoon.

Showers, laundry and then the best part of the day, lunch in the plaza. Then we headed back to the albergue for a siesta. And that was it for me. I slept a little and then just lay in bed for several hours because I was too tired to get up. Thoughts of quitting went through my head and Enrique and I talked about what it would take to quit. Neither of us gives up easily. We decided to just take it slow tomorrow and cut the mileage since it was a long day of 18 miles coming up.


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