DAY 5: Puente la Reina to Estella



September 8, 2018

Early morning is my favorite time of the day. We leave the albergue and walk in the dark through quiet towns. The temperature is perfect and my body doesn’t realize yet that I’m going to make it suffer again today. After about an hour, I’m treated to beautiful sunrises and I settle into my walking rhythm.

Today we walked through several medieval towns, all with beautiful churches and wrought-iron balconies filled with red geraniums, some with Roman bridges.  At one point, we were walking on an ancient Roman road, which is very difficult on the feet because of its uneven surface.


Our destination was Estella, where another one of Enrique’s nephews lives (nice to do Camino with a Spaniard!) Miguel and his ninos, Nestor and Ajax, met us in the plaza mayor and surprised us with a hotel room. It feels so luxurious to have a private room and bathroom! After showers and laundry, we met Miguel and his family for lunch, followed by a siesta.



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