DAY 3: Zubiri to Pamplona



September 6, 2018

Sleeping in a private room was so nice last night, but it does take away from the feel of the camino experience.

On the trail.before dawn again today. For two hours, we hardly saw another pilgrim. Then suddenly people started appearing and the trail was crowded again. We hiked along the Rio Arga for most of the day, through farms and forests. The first half of the hike always goes quickly, and the second half seems to go on and on. We came to a small town in the outskirts of Pamplona at about mile ten and stopped for Spanish tortilla since we hadn’t eaten much breakfast. From there it was another hour and a half to Pamplona (of running of the bulls fame). The last section of the hike was right through the city on sidewalks. Kind of strange.

We found the municipal albergue and got bed and breakfast for 12 euros. After showers and laundry, we went to meet Enrique ‘s nephews who live in Pamplona. They don’t speak much English, so I sat and let their Spanish conversation wash over me, hoping to absorb something. Not much luck there. We had a ridiculously delicious lunch. I wasn’t sure of what everything was that I was eating, but it was so good. Then Roberto and Jose Luis, the nephews showed us around the city of Pamplona. It was beautiful, with a rich history dating back to  1666 when it was built to defend against the French  . The walls of the city are still standing with evidence of the moat. By the time I got back to the albergue, I had added another two and a half miles of walking. Done for the day.


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