Hiking Across Spain: Camino de Santiago


August 9, 2018

Two weeks before we leave for Spain to begin our trek on Camino de Santiago.  Things have not been going well and I’m nervous about the trip.  The biggest hurdle is my wrist, which I broke on June 10th.  It’s been a long, hot summer with a monster cast past my elbow, followed by two shorter casts.  Finally, on July 31st, the cast was removed. I naively thought that would be the end of this ordeal, but instead it’s just the beginning.  My fingers, wrist, elbow are swollen and not moving well at all.  I’m in pain all the time. This makes training for Camino difficult, but I’ve been trying to hike everyday with a weighted backpack, 7-10 miles. A few days ago, I was able to hold a hiking pole in my right hand for the first time, although I can’t put much weight on it. With hand therapy three times a week, I’m hoping to see some improvement soon.  This is a difficult enough journey when in the best of health.



2 thoughts on “Hiking Across Spain: Camino de Santiago

  1. Looking every day for your postings. News of the day: Nike hired Colin Kaepernick to be its front man. …Bob Woodward has a new book that “pulls back the curtain” on the White House …..Good luck to you both. Love, Mom.


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